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Hey, howdy, hello! I have had some people ask me if they could get my art tattooed on their body, of course I am flattered!

With that being said, if you would like my work tattooed on you, please buy a tattoo ticket, that way you can still support my art, even though you're not getting any physical pieces from me!

I am not drawing you a tattoo, but rather you can choose from something that already exists. If you want custom art you have to message me for a commission

Your artist will probably want to change up the image a little, and that's okay!

This is NOT a physical product. It is strictly my permission to have my art tattooed on your body. You WILL NOT receive any actual items from me.

If you do get my artwork on your body, please send in, or tag me in your photos (with credit) I would love to see them!

This also EXCLUDES commissioned pieces that you didnt order! Those were bought for them, and them alone, so I cant give permission for those.

If you have questions or concerns on a design, DM me on any social media or email me!


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