I try very hard to secure and make sure every piece of art that is shipped out is well taken care of and secure before I send it out, but please understand that once it leaves my hands it is no longer in my control what happens to it. That being said, here are some things to remember!

  • I do not accept cancellations or refunds. Just like you, I work very hard to create every piece to be something worth while for all of you guys and if I accept everything and let anyone cancel or refund it would send my tiny business into total chaos.
  • If you get a piece that is not what you ordered INSTEAD of what you ordered, you have one week upon receiving your order to send me a picture and reach out about what you got, and what you were supposed to get, and I will do my best to fix that for ya!
  • If you would like a custom order, I do need 100% up front, and that is absolutely NOT refundable. Like I said, I work hard for every piece I create but it takes a special amount of commitment, time, and creative and mental energy to make something that is custom to ONE person, meaning I cannot use a piece I made for you, to sell to others. Its one of a kind, so in order to not waste all that energy and time, I do request money up front.
  • If a package gets to you and it is damaged in ANY way, you have one week to reach out to me with pictures of the damage, and I will do my best to correct the situation if I feel it is truly my fault. I will do my best to make everyone happy in the best way I can.
  • If you receive a custom piece and you are unhappy with it for any reason, you have ONE WEEK upon receiving it to let me know with pictures of what is wrong with it, and I will do my absolute best to fix the issues for you!
  • Some of these rules seem really harsh and tough, but as I am sure many other small artists can tell you, we get taken advantage of a lot in this business and it really does truly send our small businesses in such chaos. I am truly sorry if it seems a little too tough.
  • All images may appear brighter on your screen, than your physical piece you receive 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I request a custom order?

A. OF COURSE!! I love custom work, e-mail me, or message me on Instagram! Those are the best ways to reach me! If you e-mail me, make sure to include "custom work" in the subject line!

Q. Why is my package taking so long to get to me?

A. I ship packages once a week, to make sure that everything stays in order! If your piece in particular, OR everyones packages in particular, are going to take longer than normal, I will update Instagram or message you directly if possible to let you know that I am running behind! IF you are worried about your piece and I have no actually reached out, please message me and we will sort out the issue!

Q. Can I get a tracking number?

A. Sure! Typically it is a few extra dollars in shipping to include the tracking number, so if you would like one, please reach out and ask for one ASAP so we can work out the new payment and get the number to ya!