I absolutely LOVE special requests and custom work! 

The best way to ask me about custom work is via email, or reach out on Instagram! 

If you choose to email me, please include "custom work" in the subject line so that I know what this is regarding or if you end up in spam, I can find you!

I typically have a base price set of options for the different types of mediums I use, so I will use the base price for everyone, then add or take away money, depending on the details, size, and extras you would like on your piece!

I typically take commissions for traditional media, and embroidery hoops! I just started working with digital art too! So keep your eyes peeled for that on all my social media!

I, as an artist also reserve my right to refuse certain custom work. This typically only happens when I truly do not feel that I can make a piece that would do your idea justice, or if its hateful, mean, or I think could be offensive to others.