Helloooo goblins and ghouls! My name is Ghessikah and I am the creature behind Mrs Frankenstitches!

I live in a tiny small town in Ohio, yes, that Ohio. Corn, corn, corn, deer, corn, Hell Is Real sign, corn. So, as you can guess, I needed some creative outlets and BOOM. A shop was a born!

I have been drawing and experimenting with art for as long as I can remember. When I was a tiny tot I fell in love with Alice in Wonderland and The Dark Crystal, and my love of fantasy worlds and the fun creatures in them began. I really love to eat,(like, a lot guys. My dad always says, "some people eat to live, but we, we live to eat!") so when I was younger I was obsessed with making food into monsters and critters, as I grew up, instead of doodling food critters, I drew curvy sassy babes instead!

Every year I try to take on learning a new medium of art. So every now and then in the shop you may see something out of norm for me but something I was proud of and wanted to share with you all! Or if you follow me on social media, you might see it on there! I love to learn and I love to create so I try to play around often!

Be sure to check into all my different social media to see what other adventures I am up to!